Member Profiles


Andy Teague (Club President)

A committed beardsman, father, musician and the ‘leader,’ of our club having been democratically elected to the position of President at our last AGM.

He is a connoisseur of fine cider (luckily we have our very own master cider maker in the club) and one of the four founding fathers of the club. He can be found at competitions all around the world competing or as a judge. His most resent title was first place for the Partial Beard Natural  category at the Devon and Cornwall Beard and Moustache Competition held in Plymouth.

If there’s a beard competition he’ll try to be there!!!


Andy Barge (Vice President)

Underneath this cool and measured beard lives the unsung hinge of our club, if you’ve won a trophy at one of our competitions chances are they were crafted by this man’s hands. He’s also one of our founding fathers.

Married to the ever lovely Karen with two grown up children he spends his spare time getting tattoos, creating art, listening to loud music with a generous helping of liquid refreshment in the form of real ale and cider.

Watch out for his latest creation when we hold our next competition in April 2016.

 Andy Walbrin

Andy Walbrin (Secretary)

From Dorchester, Dorset
One of the founding fathers of The Wessex Beardsmen.
I have had a beard of one kind or another for the past 16 years. I first heard about the world of competitive bearding after a friend attended the world beard and moustache championships in Brighton in 2007. After learning this I did some research and joined The British Beard Club in 2009. In late 2012/early 2013 myself & three of my bearded brothers Andy Teague, Andy Barge & Drew Muncaster went on to form The Wessex Beardsmen. Other than bearding my other interests include Tattoos, music and the appreciation of real Ale and fine whisky.



Drew Hoggle Muncaster

Drew ‘The TinCan Musketeer’ Muncaster

Club Wordsmith.

This full time panty wrangler (the job exists, and he does) for the South West burlesque circuit and part time truck driver is a father of two and current British Musketeer champion having won the title from Frazer Coppin in Bath 2014.

Known for being highly dependable, punctual and…haha, yeah. He got the TinCan nickname for entering the 2014 World Championships in a suit of metal steampunk armour, coming in a respectable 4th in the Musketeer category. He’s also one of the founding fathers of the club along with the 3 Andys. His most recent title was a win at the Devon and Cornwall Competition held in Plymouth taking home the Freestyle for the club.


Tim Beer

Award winning Cider maker @

Sponsor of the Wessex Beardsmens beard and moustache championships 2013, 2015, 2016.

 Chris Wall

 Chris Wall

Chris Wall

Omnivore, skeptic, As wide as I am tall, visited by three ghosts every Christmas. I have embraced a moustache since 2011. I Can be spotted in the few ale houses trowvegas has to offer of an evening. I am also the only person to be both British and Wessex champion over consecutive years so far


Steve Scarsbrook

Our reigning 10-pin bowling champion joined our merry group some 18 months ago with a very impressive example of man bark, which in a moment of madness shaved off, he instantly regretted parting with it, as he looked younger than his daughter, and vowed to grow it back to its former glory. In the past months he’s been true to his word. We all make mistakes.

 Eddie Venn

 Eddie Venn

Gone but not forgotten.

 Darren Hayward

 Darren Hayward

 Paul Goad

Paul Goad

Paul ‘Goadie The Roadie’ Goad Social Media Man

The Roadie, lover of music, especially music so heavy it’s a danger to shipping, is always willing to muck in and give a hand acting as our, well roadie, once all the hard work is done he can be found resuming his position at the bar or puffing on his pipe in the smoking area. He’s known for his unique head wear and his ability to pull off the double denim or double camouflage look. He’s a regular sight at competitions around the South West, he’s also one of our contingent going to represent the Club in Austria 2015. 

Goadie the Roadie is most famous for his catchphrase ‘F**king lovely,’ in a Somerset accent so gravelly you could walk on it.

 A self-employed madman who is more cuckoo than a clock…

Matt Walpole

Former Army Officer (not that you’d believe it!) Matt Walpole has always considered himself bearded; its just Queens Regulations made it difficult to get more than a couple of weeks growth whilst on leave. But as a beardsman at heart, he always swore he would grow an epic beard upon leaving the services, and that he did. 

Born in Croydon Matt’s military career bought him to the west-country and he never really left; despite several attempts by the local authorities to extradite him (joke). “The lure of this beautiful region and plentiful rough cider just keeps pulling me back” says Matt, “And its now in my blood, I’m west-country through and through; I’ve seen the Wurzels live and everything!”

An avid heavy metal fan, Matt is also the co-founder, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist in 3-piece sludge band Black Forge; pure west-country metal!!  Matt is now a self employed electrician and when he’s not maintaining his plumage or playing ‘big riffs’ he can often be found bike-packing across the land and puffing …. on his pipe.